Successful Weight Loss Story

” Bakit ang taba mo?” ” ilan na anak mo lima?” “Hindi din naman magkakasya ang mga damit namin sayo kasi mas malaki ka” “Oink Oink” ” kailangan mo ng bwasan ang timbang mo ksi ang bigat mo na sa motor ko” These were the piercing words that haunts me in my sleep during the darkest period of my life, The “Unhealthy” Life.

Not to mention my crying moments in the mall fitting room where, Of the 6 jeans i tried on, i always settle for none because none of those would fit my big round butt and porky legs =( Not to mention the batchmates i bumped into who, instead of asking me “How are you?”, would tactlessly point that “Bakit ang laki mo pa rin?”, and all of the pain of depression it caused me. I was hopeless, I felt inferior, I had self-pity, my self-esteem was down. My biggest heartbreak was when I failed my 9-year relationship with my son’s father because he found someone smaller, lighter, and thinner than me. it took me 4 long months before I finally had a good sleep. Call me insecure, but I was desperate for help. I hungered for a change. I decided to take the risk of the “change “



On July 22, 2016, my biggest turning point happened. I joined Miss Mona’s challenge for the 2nd batch. I started at 75 kilos and i must admit, I was very doubtful and hesitant to trust everyone in the group. Because i was used to a negative life, i viewed everyone around me that time as negative. Pero habang tumatagal, i slowly realised that my perception was wrong. Everyone is supportive, they became my instant sisters. They became my inspiration. This group became my second home. actually, dito nako humugot ng lakas dahil dun sa mga pinagdaanan ko. There may be ups and downs throughout the challenge, the endless battles with Plateaus and food temptations, but i survived, all my sisters in the earlier batches have survived. I finally defined what they call “Success” when i witnessed the rewarding result of this challenge. I transformed both inside and out. The most important thing i’ve learned here was finding and loving myself. Last December 2016, I hit my target weight of 55 kg. and this month, i hit my second target 50.2 kg so i generously rewarded myself a bonggacious cheat day last Sunday with homecooked meals. I won this battle against myself, i defeated it! I defeated the Scale =)


To the newest batch, Kaya nyo yan! All you need is self-discipline, commitment, and determination for you to hit your goal. Just remember: Whatever you may feel, Never never give up. True Winners don’t quit. Do not make Excuses. If there’s a will there is a way  


Total Weight Loss: 25kg

An inspiring story from my brave Registered Nurse who use to doubt herself but not anymore! Thank you for all your hard work Ms. Kharl! You’re such an inspiration to everyone!