Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This to some leaves a question mark while others may just shrug it off. But to a few – it is indeed a nightmare. Count me in.

PCOS refers to the number of symptoms that women experience when male hormones elevate. These include acne, dysmenorrhea, heavy, irregular menstrual periods – sometimes none and worse – that difficulty in conceiving a baby.

Such syndrome becomes a nightmare to a significant few especially when you’re at the peak of wanting to have a baby. But what struggle is there that leaves us no solution? It is true that once we are goal-oriented, we would, therefore, find means and ways to achieve it. Certainly, it will be hard and it could take time. Still, the results of your hard work towards your goal are worth the wait and the struggle as well.

It would probably sound unbelievable that a dream may come true because you have allowed yourself to give in to what is right, what’s healthy and what is best. Aren’t we empowered women under Miss Mona Solis’ banner? Indeed we are.

Miss Solis by far has saved and inspired quite a number of women wanting to belong to the world… Wanting to be a part of the world and those who have been dreaming to have their own world with their very own child…

Here’s a letter that speaks of success and great joy clothed with hope, consistently accompanied by the lessons and inspiration from The Miss Mona Solis:


Hi Coach Mona,

How’re ya going? Hope you’re doing great coach.

Coach just want to say i’m sorry for i have been inactive from the group this past few months. I also want to say you’re such a great inspiration to us. We’re glad that you are continuously helping achieve our goals. Also i noticed a lot of ladies from the group have achieved their greatest dream – and that is to become pregnant. Coach i’m happy to let you know that I am already one of them. After 9 years of waiting and after having miscarriage 2 years ago, i am finally 17 weeks and 5 days pregnant 🤰🏻. I and my husband together with our families are very ecstatic with this blessing from above because there’s more to that – I am carrying TWINS! 👶👶👨👩👧👧


Coach i’m sorry if i didn’t tell you this early on because i was afraid this pregnancy might not be viable. Thank God i am now in 2nd trimester. However, this pregnancy is not very easy for me. Apart from carrying twins which makes it high risk, I’m still facing other challenges. I currently have spotting and have blood clot above my cervix – sub chorionic hematoma. and i also have gestational diabetes. I am now on bedrest. What i do is, i still continue eating healthy foods that you taught us but just can’t do exercise. I’m very hopeful and always praying that my babies are safe.

Coach from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for all your help. God is so good because He gave us this blessings through you and your program. I wish and pray that all ladies wanting to conceive will get pregnant as well. I just couldn’t thank you enough coach! I’ll be back on track after my delivery. By the way my due date is on Feb 10, 2018. So excited to see our little angels 👼 👼

Good luck with your growing fitness program group. God bless and more power Coach! 😘

Best Regards,


36-b1873a59db49943ea661628737d355b0   (Not the real ultrasound picture) 

Dreams definitely find a way through to reality. We too are filled with so much joy for you Princess! Coach Mona, along with us, will continue to pray and wish you the best in your pregnancy.

And to you who are reading this now, I can sense that you’re smiling too and that little hope is already starting to grow. We can live and be healthy at the same time. Believe and hold on to that. Breathe and take in everything that our Coach teaches us and just like the hundreds of women she took with her to self and dreams fulfillment, you’ll get to yours too! Atta girl! It’s never too late. Start today!



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