What to do when you got stuck from your current weight on this weight loss journey?

by: Mona Solis
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In the beginning, you were all ecstatic and hype. Everyone thought it will be an easy journey and I warned everyone that you have to focus on PHASE 1 and make the most out of it. Let’s put it this way, when they build the pyramid of Giza they build the strongest foundation they ever imagined. It is the same thing when you want to be successful in any aspect of your life. The question is, did you have a strong foundation or were you passive and skipped the most important part?

What to do when you’re in a plateau stage?

First thing first,



The most common mistake we do when everything seems to go wrong is we panic. We tend to freak out and we lose track. When we lose those two important things and our mind is now out of focused. We cannot focus because we are in a STRESS MODE.

We have to relax our mind and realize that “stress” is equivalent to belly fat. In this life problem, stress, haters, and naysayers are part of it. The world is composed of NEGATIVE and POSITIVE energy.

When everything is so stressful we multiply the level of hormones secreted in our body, thru embracing the idea that we are stress and more will you. You are allowing your mind to think that you are stress and everything is out of control.

When it happens, try to relax your mind. Take a deep breath and enjoy the little things. Just like everyone we need to break the cycle. If you are a student, worker or a full-time mom and you’re stress you have to pause and enjoy yourself.

Here are the things I do when I’m stress:


One of my favorite things to do, when I’m sad is to write and pray. When I pray I say everything to the Lord, I always ask Him to please teach me how to let go of my sadness, my anger, my disappoints and to fill it with joy, love, forgiveness, happiness, peace of mind and blessings. I always pray with all my heart and my soul. I kept no secret to Him. When you genuinely pray to the Lord, afterward you will feel the lightness you will feel relax, focus with no guilt in your heart.


After I pray the best next thing to do is to LET GO and LET GOD. I may not know why your stress and what it is about, but the most important thing to learn is to forgive ourselves and to just let it go. We are not in control of everything, it’s okay to feel a little bit of insecurity, disappointment, and envy but don’t let these negative forces ruin your mind and life. Don’t hold grudges, let go and smile.


I know that when we experience temporary defeat we always hate ourselves. We always blame it on ourselves. We always think we could’ve done it better, but don’t be, don’t be too hard on yourself. The only person you got is YOU, so don’t hate her, instead of nurturing her until you both work together. Love yourself.


This is not new to me, when I’m sad I always date myself and talk to her. I write down everything I wanted to say to her, I feed her with nutritious foods, I let her dream and vision things the way she wants. I buy her favorite coffee and buy her another journal and pen. She’s my best friend. Just a little bit trivia about me, no one knows my deepest secret in this world, not even my husband only God and myself know’s how I feel and what I want to do. And it’s your right to do so, you don’t need someone to comfort you if you have God and your best friend you will be happier because both of them won’t hurt nor betray you.


When you’re stress you are prone to emotional eating, please stay away from comfort food. Learn the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Meditate and calm down first, always ask yourself if you need to eat When the mind is relaxed you are more capable of thinking healthy and your body will start craving healthy. Think healthy and you will be healthy.

2.) Re-write your goals, plan it well and work hard to achieve it.


Here’s why I have a pen and journal. I always write my goals every day and every week. I am specific about what I want and I work hard to get it. Mastery of oneself is fun and adventurous when you learn how to do it. I wrote some examples of what my journal looks like.


I really want to lose weight in 3 months and after 3 months I will be Healthy and Fit.


This week I need to prepare my meals and need to stick to it.
I need to fill my grocery list.
On Saturday evening, I need to go to the store and shop my foods.
Tonight I am making my grocery checklist.
I have to wake up an hour or two advance to do my exercise on weekdays.
The alarm clock is set.

I always convince myself that hard work always pays off. One by one I make it happen. I make sure I do it slowly but surely I don’t rush everything. I know that if I rush, I panic. I will lose track and instantly I get stress. I stay away from being stress through thinking I am not stress. I know it’s easy to say than doing it, but in order to do something you have to train your mind and convince it that laziness won’t make you fit nor rich but when you habitually do it your body follows and you master your own self. You have to stick to what you wrote. If you don’t you stick to your plans you are completely fooling and lying to yourself.

3. ) Don’t get frustrated when you missed 1 goal.



Just like every successful person, it takes practice, faith and believing in something before mastering their selves. Thomas Edison is one of my favorite examples, he uses failure as his motivation towards his phenomenal discovery of light. We should not forget that temporary defeat is not a failure at all. Failure is when you stop trying hard. Failure is when you give up. Failure is when you don’t believe in the power of your dreams.

To get frustrated with yourself is a bad habit. It will trigger panic and stress. Try hard the next time and stop hating yourself. Learn to accept your own mistakes, move on, keep writing your goals and work hard to achieve it. Mistakes are part of success. Learn from it and you will master your own life.

4.) Start a brand new day with a determined and committed mind.


Don’t be afraid to start your new fitness journey. Everyone has its own story of failures and temporary defeat. This time MAKE IT WORK, WORK HARD AND BE DETERMINED. Always push your limits and go out from your comfort zone. If it scares you, my suggestion is you have to go for it! Be brave and thank yourself later.

People always label me as bold and it’s true, I do what I want because I know that no matter what you do there will always a failure, naysayers, and people will always judge you. I’d rather be judged by doing what I love than pretending I’m happy but dying inside. There’s so much space in this world and God destined you be someone and your job is to know what is exactly that and excel in that area and share it with the world.


1.) Always detox your mind and body

After cheating always make sure detox your mind and body. A good example is to get a massage or to go to the beach and unwind. Please don’t chill at the bar, it’s not good for you and beer isn’t good either. The denser the lemon and ACV the better. (Still, depends on your taste)

4 lemons + 1 pitcher of water
3-4 tablespoons of ACV (Raw, with the mother) + Water

To detox your body you can do a cleansing for 2 weeks. Use water detox or ACV water. Drink it every morning and before going to bed.
2.) Eat light and clean

For two weeks try to eat light and clean. More on fruits, nuts, vegetables, chicken, and fish. Try to avoid beef this time. I suggest avoiding any solid foods if you can. For two weeks you can make smoothies only and incorporate it with vegetables and spices! Don’t forget to spice it up, it helps your metabolism to work faster.

example meal.


1 glass of water detox in the morning. Yogurt with banana for breakfast. Black coffee with nondairy creamer. Orange for snacks. Grilled/baked chicken with mixed veggies. Avocado for snacks. Chicken caesar salad for dinner. More Water and end your day with water detox.


You know what happen next when you cheat right? Don’t do it again. Be mindful of what you’re eating. You know why? YOU’LL REGRET IT. SO IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT SUCCESSFULLY DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME! STOP PROCRASTINATING.


Okay, so you cheated maybe with pizza, burger, fries and then you look t yourself and feel fat. Like duh? Of course, you will feel fat, you know that. So drink plenty of water to clean your body. Just like how you want to clean your house after your mom’s birthday party.


The most common problem I encountered and the most confessed problem is TIME MANAGEMENT. Let me tell you what, my general manager still prepares his food every single day and I ask him how he does it, his answer? Brilliant. IF YOU WANT IT THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR IT. When you have already your grocery list it’s time to put it into action. Make it at night or the most available time of the day you have. Remember, you all have the tools to re-start but with no action its laziness.


Pretty sure you had enough on your cheat days and regret it already right? It shows in your weigh scales and progresses log book. There’s no magic in what we do and there’s no such thing as instant, you have to work hard for it. The result is base on how bad you want it. Do not focus on the results, focus on the process and get stunning results. Don’t be afraid to do what you want, you’re in the process of making yourself happy.


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