It really doesn’t matter where you came from, how old you are, what’s your gender or what’s your physical situation right now. To have a healthier lifestyle you need to understand that it’s not a temporary habit. To be a healthy being you really have to enjoy what you are doing. Things like eating banana under the tree while reading your favorite book. Making salmon salad for your 25th birthday. It really doesn’t matter. We always picture that being healthy are only for the rich people, just because they can afford all the foods needed for a healthier lifestyle, but we often forget to open our minds might as well open some books and do some research on how to be healthy in a frugal method.

This chapter is all about how to fix your mindset in order to have a healthier lifestyle and I will show you how I fixed my mind and survived the struggles and challenges along the way.

When you are contemplating on how to lose weight what do you do? Are you holding some Nachos on your right hand with some soda on your left hand? I would think so! I’ve been there don’t be shy! When I started to realized that I weigh more than what I should be I asked myself, what I’ve been doing wrong?


Are you wondering why all these women are so confident and it’s unbreakable? Do you ever wonder why they have cute boyfriends and you don’t? Do you wonder why they can have everything they want? Do you wonder why they have all the guts on Earth to call you fat and ugly? Well, maybe it’s true, but did you wonder? Did it really crossed in your mind WHY? Why I am different? Why you are different? Why they can do all the things they want? Why can’t I? Why can’t you?

I believe all these girls are beautiful and stunning! They have fashion blog on their Instagram and travel blog on their Facebook and we all follow them. We are one of their fans and followers, we always loved what they wear, how cute their sunnies and shorts during their Maldives vacation. We are one of their million followers liking their photos, tapping our phones, admiring them and wishing to be like them. To have the lifestyle and bodies they have. We admire their lifestyle but we have no idea what are their struggles.

I always thought that these girls were born superstar. The moment their mom brought them here on Earth they all knew what they want. To be a superstar, fashion bloggers, models, skinny bitches and do the things they want. It was surprising that they don’t, they weren’t born superstar instead they know exactly what they want and chase it, pursue it, survived the struggles and decided to turn down negativities and just be awesome.

I always compared myself to all the beautiful women out there. No! Not with Anne Curtis or with Beyonce that’s unrealistic I wish though!

I’ll share this picture, can you spot among these ladies who’s very confident? Who’s the prettiest? Who’s still hiding from theirselves? Just the way they smile and pose? Can you?Let me know your thoughts.



Every successful person has their own stories of struggles, their own mistakes, weaknesses and stories of how they failed million times. Nobody really want to hear their struggles and how they survived. Do you? Nobody cares on how Thomas Edison failed thousand times but everyone needs light bulbs around the house. Thomas Edison strongly believes that he can create something even though people surrounds him loses faith on him already.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror. Do you believe in your self? Do have faith in yourself? Do you believe that you can do the things you want? Losing weight is so simple I mean in comparison to what Thomas Edison did right? Why you can’t do it then? Why? I should answer it is because you haven’t believe in yourself yet.


The first thing to fix towards a healthier lifestyle is ourselves. We have to change the way we think.  We have to believe in ourselves that we can do it. A lot of people are tired of being fat and unhealthy but they haven’t tried to do anything to be healthy. I mean you have all the access on the internet but even that, we are so tired to do it. We have to see it in our eyes, we have to see a person changes first before we believe that we can do it. We even believe in a lot of products like diet pills, slimming coffee’s, food supplements and many more. Have we tried the pill of BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, another pill of YOU CAN DO IT, another pill of WORK IT HARD, another pill of DON”T QUIT, have you tried those? I tried them all and they really worked!!!

I haven’t tried writing a blog, I haven’t tried writing a book, but because I believe that I can do it so I tried and guess who’s reading it? YOU! Thank you! You see how the trick works? Believe, try, try again, believe in yourself, try again and repeat! Don’t quit just because you can’t see any progress, quit when you are there! When people notice the new you.

A lot of us are so fond of instant and quick results. Instant coffee, instant noodles and even an instant boyfriend. But there’s no such thing as instant success, instant money or instant sexy body. Unless you can afford to go on a plastic surgery, I guess!

I received a lot of questions on how long did it take me to lose my weight. I was wondering what would be their reactions if I said 10 years? Would they still follow and believe me? I bet not. 10 years is a long way honey. I haven’t answered them anyways. I mean what? If I did it for a month you will try it and if I said I did it for 10 years maybe you’ll said, nope not doing it I’d rather be fat than get tired.

Change Your Thinking 

We need to change the way we think. We even think that being healthy is expensive. We have to go on a diet for 3 months then when we reach our body goal we can do whatever we want. NO! You have to start thinking that being healthy is an investment. We often thought that, why the rich people have good looks? Beside from how they look and how they carry themselves they have beautiful skins and beautiful faces. Yes, it’s true they can afford to go on a facial every weekend and eat foods that’s 10 times expensive than yours but what’s the difference? Do they buy their food in Jupiter or Mars that’s why they have beautiful skin tone? No! they just simply know! They know that 8 hours of sleep is good for your health. They know that health is wealth. They know that when they eat good food they will glow naturally. Now, do they buy their food outside the planet? No!

Going Healthy Is Different From Going on a Diet

Being healthy is a lifetime commitment. Going on a diet or less eating is just temporary based on my understanding. Diet in our perception only lasted for specific period of time. How long did you do the diet? What’s your diet plan? When did you started your diet and when did the results showed up? Those were just the few questions thrown in my inbox. No one ever send me a message and said, “Hey, Congratulations for going on a healthy lifestyle, finally you realized that it’s worth it and so simple huh.” I repeat, NO ONE!

They were few that were so thankful and appreciative of what I’ve done to my body from being fat to being fit and for posting the details on Facebook. Nevertheless, I appreciate you all. I won’t be writing this goddamn blog, just kidding this beautiful blog because of you guys. I really really want to help you guys and I want you to understand that it won’t be easy but one thing I will promise it will be worth it.

I explained already in chapter 2 what was wrong why I was fat before. It was because of my unhealthy food eating habits and without understanding what are the foods I put in my mouth.


We heard this million times before but we always take it for granted. We always heard knowledge is power. Knowledge is a source of energy flowing in our body and patiently waiting for us to use it, waiting for us to enhance it and waiting for us to feed them with words and more information. We have the power to know everything but do we practice it? Do we read books that’s helpful or do we read magazines explaining how we should learn to eat more vegetables and do exercise or does it bother and makes you bored?

Do you have Korean magazines, KPOP cd’s, fashion magazines and many more instead of having National Geographic and Reader’s Digest magazines? Did you know that huge storms, crazy weather, extinctions of animals are due to global warming and humans created global warning? Oh yea that’s very basic c’mon! Oh wait How am I involved? How am I involved in global warming? I didn’t do nothing to create global warming. Exactly! You didn’t do nothing, you didn’t throw your candy wrapper in the right trash bin. You didn’t do nothing when your teacher said plant more trees. Did nothing but throw trash in the ocean and leave trash where ever you go. Oops! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to give you a lesson all I’m saying is throw your trash in the right trash bin!!! Don’t be lazy and stupid! No, no, no, I mean all I’m saying is having knowledge is everything.


I know you read the post that went viral. I mentioned their that you have to learn to eat your fruits, vegetables with no salt and no sodium. What does too much salt and sodium does to your body? According to Women’s Health Magazine, consuming to much salt and sodium can make you,

  1. Feel bloatedWhen you take in too much sodium, your body starts to retain excess fluid. In turn, this excess fluid causes you to look and feel bloated since you have more liquid inside of you than usual, says Kirkpatrick”

    “Excess fluid increases your blood pressure,” says Kirkpatrick. In fact, a 2011 study from the British Medical Journal reported that a wide variety of other studies show a “consistent direct relationship between salt intake and blood pressure.” The study authors said that a 4.6 gram reduction in daily dietary intake of salt (that’s equal to about 1,840 milligrams of sodium) decreased individuals’ blood pressure across the board. In other words, the more sodium you have, the higher your blood pressure will be.




    That same British Medical Journal study also found that high blood pressure may, in turn, lead to a greater stroke risk.



    Your tastebuds acclimate to saltiness over time—which means you can start jonesing for even more of it. “People can develop a preference for salt over time if they have a lot of it,” says Kirkpatrick.



    Higher blood pressure can also lead to kidney failure since increased blood pressure puts an additional strain on the arteries leading to the kidney, says Kirkpatrick. Proof: A 2013 study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found that individuals with chronic kidney disease saw improved kidney function with decreased salt intake—and that may be because increased salt intake is what led to their kidney problems in the first place.



    When your blood pressure increases, it can also lead to brain troubles, says Kirkpatrick. A 2011 study published in the Neurobiology of Aging found that a high-salt diet and sedentary lifestyle were linked to more cognitive decline in old age.



    A 2009 multi-university study from the British Medical Journal found that high sodium intake is directly linked to cardiovascular disease. And another study, just published in July 2014 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, found that having excess salt in your diet doubles the threat of cardiovascular disease for diabetics.

So what? What now Mona? What does it means? It only means that your chips can make you fat, your favorite adobo makes you fat, your favorite noodles, and a lot more. Why? But that’s chicken?

Soy sauce is another form of sodium and our traditional dishes are always composed of fried foods, sautéed with oil, contains monosodium glutamate (MSG), salt, vinegar and many preservatives added.

I’m talking about our daily food menu, imagine if I haven’t stopped eating my favorite Filipino dish and without having knowledge about the food I eat maybe I’m still fat until this day.

What are the common diseases that are fatal in our country? Heart Disease? Stroke? Heart Attack? High blood Pressure? Why are you reading this? You want to know why you’re fat and can’t get rid of your belly right? Why you still can’t get rid of it even though you did everything? Even though you exercise and you do on your so called “diet”? What’s wrong? Are you having some clear thoughts now on your question why?

Just by cutting your intake of sodium I guarantee, you will lose weight and you will be healthier. Self discipline and educating your self is everything. There’s no harm in reading books and there’s no harm in educating yourself. What’s more harmful is that even though you know it’s dangerous you’ll still do it because it’s traditional, you’ll still do it because you’re used to it and you won’t even try for a change.

A lot of you were asking me what’s my exercise routine, meal plan everyday and the foods I eat while losing weight. Again, no one asked me, what are the foods you cut in order to lose weight? No one asked me, what are the foods you eat that makes you fat before? It’s clear than the blue skies that the foods that made me fat were the foods that taste good in your mouth but your body is crying and decaying.

Now, did I have a diet? No.
Did I lose weight because I cut my sodium and calories intake? Yes.
Did I have exercise routine everyday? Of course.
Did I skip a meal? No.
How long did you do your diet? I repeat I did not go on a diet. It’s a lifestyle.
How long did you see result? 1 month? Two? 3? Four? You’ll see.
How long did it take you to have that body? Forever! Just kidding.


When I started I wasn’t that confident to start I mean in doing exercise and eating healthy. I have a friend who run with me, we run together and we go biking together and we even decided we were going to do a healthy grocery shopping. We did it! Until she gets tired sometimes but she still do some exercise.

I started running alone and I enjoyed it the most. I can run even I struggle with no one’s watching me. I can run as fast as I can without waiting for my friend to finish her third break on the row. You can go further and faster when you run alone.

You can pause and think why am I doing this? Just continue running and wait for the moment when your friends starting to recognize that changes in your body.

Do not be so conscious on the results, results are the outcome of your hard work. Just do your best and enjoy the journey you won’t feel tired at all.


I know it’s hard when you’re still fat but that’s how it goes. You have to START NOW. Do your best and focus in yourself. Do not engage on a conversation when your friends starting to say, are you on diet? (Laughing) You can never be fit (Laugh again) You will be forever fat. (Laughing hard) Take the insult but don’t take it personally. Take the insult and write it down on a piece of paper and post it somewhere its visible for you everyday. Instead of running an hour tonight run  for 3 hours just because of them.

Twist the insult into one of your greatest motivation to become what they think you can’t. I always have this quote in my mind. “They said I can’t, that’s why I did”.

Just do your best and be kind. Insults are insults, it is not you who hurt anyone but it is you who can stop them. Do your best and stand for yourself. When I do something I don’t always post it on social media. I post the results and it’s always a surprise for everyone. I don’t like the idea of telling to the world what I’ve been doing and then when I failed they will laugh at me again. Do the job in silence and just do your best.


Stop procrastinating! Stop lying to yourself. Instead of trying to figure out for years and months why not DO something today. Get out of your head and take actions. You don’t have to know exactly where it going to take you, you just need to start with one thing that feels right and keep following right-feeling and see where they lead.

“Most answers reveal themselves through doing not thinking”


This is the last thing I’m going to addressed in chapter 4. Listen carefully. It is so important to love ourselves. If we can love other people why not love yourself first. Love yourself and always strive to be the better version of you. Feed yourself first, take yourself on a vacation, take yourself on a fancy restaurant, buy yourself some good books to read, do not be afraid to be selfish. People that surrounds you are born to be selfish in the first place. They won’t help you when you need their help. Do not be afraid to be alone instead enjoy being alone and enjoy yourself when you are alone. Life is so much easier when we realized that ourselves is the only person that matter in this world. The only person you can always trust is yourself. Love yourself because you’re awesome.




My Journey

3 years ago

Look at me! I was so happy eating a monster bowl of ice cream!! Who wouldn’t?

My frienemy Dawn! That’s how we called each other. We’re like sisters but we hate each other! Lmao. She used to laugh at me because I always dream to wear bikini’s and hanging clothes but since I have a belly I can’t and now she’s one of my proud friend! I can tell. Lol

3 years ago I went to Miami Beach. Everyone was on their swimsuits and bikini’s and I wore my Mom’s dress. #SadLife I wish I was skinny when I went there that time. Hot guys are all over! Geeez! Feel me????


(April 2015)
I had the unhealthiest lifestyle on Earth. No sleep, Soda lover, coffee lover and I can’t live with no desserts, at all!!  13254520_10206176313109004_3636660954049133299_n(May 2015)

Last year I was working with a girl named Tara she was an organic freak! She doesn’t even drink milk because it’s gross for her. Her make up was all organic and all her drink and I should think her clothes too! Just Kidding I didn’t mind her but I had a hormonal balance or my hormones were not balanced at all something like that and she told me to use all her organic  foods and organic stuff. Organic means fresh no pesticides and no hormones or preservatives added. SO she told me to eat right, sleep well and do some yoga! I was like? YOGA? She told me not really yoga but exercise like running or anything you have to sweat. I was like! Wheeeee! That’s fine!

(May 2015)

If you can notice my legs, thighs and shoulders are still big and I have zero confidence for myself not to mention I have a lot of acne. I cry.

(May 2015)
(Gemma, Emily and I)

Gemma is my friend who pushed me to see the world! Can you tell she’s a pushy friend? That how I call her! While Emily is our roommate/friend who have the prettiest and kindest heart in this planet! She used to struggle with her weight before and her unhealthy  eating habits but she chose to shine and she inspires me and so I chose to be awesome!

(May 2015)
So I started running!!! Drinking water instead of soda! See that water? HAHA.Right under my bed so when I wake up in the morning! Pappoow!

13245309_10206176315109054_6912972904563711067_n(May 2015)

Still pretty heavy huh? I was already on my 4th week of running and biking!! After work I always urge to run and do my routine except for my period days.

(June 2015)

The struggle is real! AFter walking for 3 miles at work I still run when I get home. Those cheeseballs are not mine! Haha My friend and I both owned that so when it’s time to cheat! There you go! Right under your bed! Hahaha

(June 2015)
No, Im not having a baby! I was noticing some changes. My belly weren’t that saggy any longer.

(July 2015)

I still have acne but I was gaining confidence by that time. Thanks to my sunnies! Lol

(July 2015)

I posted this picture on Facebook and few people said that I’m having changes. Blooming as they said it.

(July 2015)

Finally! I can wear bikini with confidence and a smile!!

(August 2015)

Dang! See that confidence right there? Dreams do come true! My first ever hanging top outfit!

(August 2015)

Beach Time!!!!!

Fierce! Charot! lol
Usually, If I wear bikinis my belly would flow like a muffin top! Haha
That smile is amazing!
My shoulders is getting skinnier!!
I can walk, pose with confidence at the beach!

11148591_10204585710704938_6224429498906592249_n(September 2015 My Birthday Month)

Extra Small dress can fit me already!!! I can wear wedge sandals as well!! Of course with confidence!

When you have the confidence and you feel good for yourself eventually the glow will show up in your face!

(October 2015)

I started to learn how to put make up on my face and do my hair!

This time I’m just unbreakable! I love myself to death!
Even tho i already feel amazing I still don’t forget to run and take care of myself. ❤

I was a beautiful vampire last Halloween. Lol

And oh! I went back to Miami last October with this aura! Lol


I visited my friend in Miami. Party all night!


(November 2015)

The moment of truth has come, last November 2015 I decided that to become a better person you have to BE YOU! To be the best version of you! You have to start now. You have to take action. You have to love yourself. You have to win yourself over the power of negativities. You have to stand for yourself. You have to be kind and just do your best. You have to turn your insecurities into greatness. I am so grateful that I have the chance to share my journey with you and
Welcome the new Mona Liza Solis Version 2.0. 🙂



Hugs and kisses for everyone who read my blog from chapter 1 to 5! Thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys have no idea how grateful I am to share my life with you and I can’t wait to help you transform your life! Thank you and I hope to see you in the next chapters of my blog! 🙂

Chapter 6

3 months Challenge with Mona

13240029_10206096560315234_1662365510029593930_n (1)

To all the ladies who message me and to all the people who was inspired with my journey. I want you to know that I am willing to help you. I don’t have a product to offer but I will sell some good food to help you become better and soon transformed!

I am planning to sell an inspired T-shirt to raise a money to keep my blog going and eventually I will enroll myself to an online course to widen my knowledge in helping other women and people.

I hope you can help me with my advocacy to help women (YOU) change your lifestyle and we will help each other together. One post changed my life. Together we can make a difference.

To all the interested women I want you to send to me your story, your lifestyle, your daily activities, what’s your struggle and anything you want to share with me. The longer the message the happier I am. I will choose 50 women for the first batch of the challenge and I will Skype and talk to them one on one for daily motivation and I will create weekly challenge and food menu and exercise!

Are you willing to do the challenge with me? Do you have what it takes? Are you tired to be called fat and ugly? I am here for you if you are going help yourself.

Email me your story at

Thank you so much ladies and I can’t wait to read your messages! Love you all! See you in our challenge! 🙂



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  7. hi mon.. kaka.inspire naman… buyi kapa na maintain nmu.. ako magpayat tpos dli nku ma maintain mai back to the futer nasad.. pero karon try na pd nku.. maninuod na pd ko.. dli ko mag promise pero i will do my very best.. mind set.. hahaha laban japan!!!


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