13230185_10206138575765594_3698824950796558946_nExactly a year ago, Facebook reminded me that I was fat, I have a muffin top (bilbil) and quite sad before I started my journey to a beautiful life.

What really motivates me to Lose Weight? 

There’s no magic, no pills and no slimming coffee that can do it, but there’s discipline, determination, motivation and a story to tell.

Chapter 1

My Struggle

I was bullied, criticized, judged, compared and misunderstood since I was a child. I was always compared to my brothers, cousins, friends and people who are better than me. Have you tried being compared to someone who’s better than you? More beautiful than you? More Intelligent than you? It felt like I’ve been compared to a diamond and I was the ugly stone. My life was a rough road and that’s a another story to tell.

I became a people pleaser because of my childhood, trying to please everyone. Trying to be like this, like that, try to have this, have that, but still I can’t be them, I can’t have it and  I’m a still a loser. When I was in High school I tried my best, I joined the peer counselor group and student council. I was trying to prove to my parents, to all the people who bullied me that I can do something, that I am not who they think I am.  From being a people pleaser I became very optimistic and I challenge myself every time. I still do dumb things, big mistakes and failed and failed but I keep going, what else can I do?

It is very true that the more you fail the more you try the better you become. Failure to me was like part of my character. If I want something so bad and failed, I don’t care, I don’t care even if people are laughing at me. Instead I try hard, I try harder until I get there, until I have it. Until I have the right to laugh to the people who chuckled at me.

However, I was doing it wrong because I was doing it for everyone. Trying to show them that I can. I was trying to prove something to the people who mess over and assimilated  me. I forgot the significant part, the momentous part of doing it for MYSELF. No matter how hard I try it was not enough.

It is true that if you try to please everyone you won’t be genuinely happy. You will continue to seek approval from your peers, parents and friends and no matter what you do, how hard you tried YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE THEM. There’s always missing or lacking from you, they can only see your mistakes, they can only see your weaknesses and what’s worst they won’t help you to become better.

I realized in order to be a better person, to feel free with discriminations, judgements, insecurities the only person you have to please is YOURSELF. NOTHING BUT YOURSELF AND GOD. The moment I accepted my flaws, my past and start loving my self I became the best version of me. I was happier than before. I could not care less of what everyone tells me. I always live with my principle, if you are my friend then be my friend never dismember the trust I invested or we’re done.

Chapter 2

The Starter Pack 

When I started it was VERY HARD! Oh geez! Really hard!! I was trying to figure out what is really wrong with me? Why I am fat? What can I do to get rid of this muffin top? To have the body that I always dreamed? To be genuinely happy. Not to mention, I was depressed, sad and insecure.

Good thing I have a friend who were there with me, pushed me to see the beauty of the world and for the first time I feel the freshness of the air, noticed the grass were green, the skies were blue, noticed that the sun sets at 8pm. Can you imagine I just realized all those things? Funny it may seem but when you open your eyes, stop and look around life is pretty amazing! It was the little things that made me loved myself more. I have to win myself first, fixed my mindset, loved myself like no one else before.

I was in Alabama when my friends were inviting me to do biking and explore the City. I was in doubt because in the back of my mind it’s tiring anyways and I was sad but then I said yes and guess who loved it? I didn’t expect it was fun! I gained friends and enjoyed the ride. I enjoy the laughter along the road, we were lost but managed to come back. It was an eye opener for me.


The following night I started running, I remember I only run for 15minutes. That was the fastest and most that I can go. I was thirsty and tired and called it first timer. The next morning I can feel that my body was in pain! Fudge Bar!! I was like, why do I have to do running? Then later I found myself running again.. I was close to 30minutes. Not too bad. Then I search instructions on how to do stretching. Thanks to youtube!

It became a habit, If I don’t run it felt like there’s something missing in my daily routine. I run as much as I can and stop and jog , then run again, and jog! Then I repeat. I enjoyed doing it. I wasn’t doing it to be fit, nor to be sexy I was doing it because I enjoyed doing it.

Then I started to enjoy feeding myself with good stuff, doing a lot of exercise, doing sacrifices, I didn’t even recognized that there were results already until my friends were telling me I lose a lot of weight. The moment I love myself, I win the battle already and I don’t have to obliged myself or force myself to eat healthy. It was a pleasure doing it for myself. ONLY FOR MYSELF. So that was the only thing I did and the rest is history.

Chapter 3

My Diet




22 thoughts on “The Road To A Beautiful Life

  1. Nag sugod na kog stretching2x miss, last day, May 22.. actually hawd kaau ko anang zumba og aerobics pero tama ka fixed mindset lisod kaau bag-o, basta paningkamotan ko jud ni kay minsan na bya ko na high blood atong 22 pa ko. karon 24 na ko hangak na kaayo, 77 na akong timbang unya 42 na ang waist line. I tried lemon water dati, usahay mka inom, sahay pud dli.

    Basta karon buo na ang loob ko, kay nhadlok n pud ko basin kining katambok ray mopatay nko. Na notice pod nko nga nagkadako ko nagkakusog akonh hagok. I hope naa kay ma suggest ani miss Mona.

    Thank you sa blog nimo. i-update jud tka sa akong changes. Ĝod bless miss.


  2. Hi po ate mona. ☺ graabi maka inspired jud imong story ate mona . i hope maka survive ko ani peru paningkamotan jud ni nako ate mona kay wala gyuy imposeble haha. Nag sugod nako karun og buhat sa detox ate i hope mag work unta ate mona uie gusto na kayo ko mgpa niwang hehe .. Thanks ate mona sa tips na imong gina share. Godbless po☺☺


  3. Besh i’m lazy to read chapter 2. But about chapter 1, i know your story already and i have accepted you as friend even though you’re fluffy, annoying, loud, etc.. That’s why we became friends bec of your flaws which are cute. I know that we (your friends) are bully too but you know we’re just teasing you. We teast each other. No LV is being teased by a kapwa LV. Haha. I’m happy for the new you but imm not happy na wala jud ta nagkita. I miss you. 😘 And I love you. Pwede motivate mo rin ako besh? Baka pag nagka-abs ka na, dun pa ako mamotivate. Lol


  4. Thanks Ms Mona! Naa pa jud koy body pain hangtod karon and nag sugod jud ko by the time na nabasa nako imong post sa fb kay mejo parehas lang ta ka taba sauna. Awwe! Haha. Naa pa koy pag asa.Btw, na start na sad nako ang imong detox, Yey! Thank You! Mag wait ko sa Chapter 3 ha. Mwah!


  5. Ako sad ginabully ko sa akong mga classmates sa elementary and highschool. And i want to change najud, but i cant do it. Nag mubo naman unta akong weight kay nag change nakog diet ug ga exercise nako last february. But warag kulang jud kog motivation mao nang thankful kaayo ko kay nakabasa ko sa imung story, karun mag sugod nakog exercise utro. 😀


  6. Hi Mona! Ur blog is worth reading. I’ve known u for the longest time, I saw ur struggles and how you bloom! I am very proud of you! Success is sweeter when you have tasted failure…That is very true! Stay happy and in love! just be humble and always praise god for everything. I declare more blessing for u LAI!!! keep up the good work. you deserve what you have right now! It’s your harvest time! God’s plan are really d best when you keep your faith and accompanied with actions to reach success!. Love you. hope to see you on my Big DAY!


  7. It also reminds me how was my first jog went! Tiring yet fulfilling then it became a routine.Same as you Miss Mona,i didnt run because I want to be sexy, I just love the feeling of doing it! 😍😍😍


  8. Thank you for this very inspiring words to ponder,..it’s been a blessing to me knowing that you inspire a lot of people especially to me..Thank you so much….
    I want be a part of your challenge so that I can be a better version of myself..Godbless you always & more power..


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