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I’m Mona Solis and with me is an awesome team of empowered women filled with so much passion for their craft who found their way to loving themselves too and others. I graduated in Notre Dame of Dadiangas University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. Not that far from the field where I have taken myself to along with great people… (*wink!)


There was no day and time that I exactly realized I wanted to help other women. I think it was more of they saw the results and the changes in me. It was also probably because they were inspired to do the same thing. When my post went viral, I was overwhelmed with the flood of messages coming from different types of women from different walks of life with a variety of careers on their hands. I wasn’t sure why they chose to ask me to help them on their weight loss journey. But for some reason, I started to challenge everyone to do the same thing I did. I know it was difficult and hard but I know as well that together if we change our selves we can change the world.

It was when I found myself locked up in the room crying about everything. I was so insecure; I wasn’t sure who I was back then… I wasn’t sure where I could get someone to love me. I wasn’t sure what could I do for that someone to love me. But sometimes, it is true that one day you’ll wake up tired, feeling sorry for yourself… That you know you can do better but you just have to first wipe your tears, second, figure out what is wrong with you and finally, protect yourself as much and as long as you can from anyone who’ll hurt you.


When my post went viral, plenty of women opened their hearts to me begging to help them. From that moment on, I had to think quickly but I also kept questioning myself, “How can I really help them?” I was filled with so much negativity thinking I cannot help them one by one because that’s just impossible. It all seemed too vague… It would have been so impossible to help them through telling these hopeful souls what to do especially just through the internet. But because I love to challenge myself, I created this whole idea of challenging others too. To shake their core of desire to lose weight. Everybody wanted to lose weight. I know that for a fact. But, not everyone is willing to go through the journey of losing weight, except those who desire and dedicate themselves to do in their power to lose weight. And so, MSFC was created.

I don’t compete with any other empowerment groups. Not at all… I compete with my own self and focus on the things I need to improve. If someone is helping others to make someone feel better especially with their lives, choices, family, career, and health, I thank them for creating empowerment. That’s what MSFC is all about. We lift one another even outside the group. We want everyone to be healthy, happy and confident to face the world.


But who am I behind all of these?

Well, I’m a full-time mother and wife. I work every day at a prestigious country golf club with loving and kind members. When I was a kid I had an American Dream, a dream that I worked so hard for the past 16 years. I failed so many times, but I always know that failure is part of my journey adding colors to it.  Growing up with a father having an addiction to drugs, gambling, and women wasn’t all that easy. But I was blessed with a mom who will do anything for her family to be intact that it molded a strong, fierce, wise, smart girl from a small town of Gensan.

At the age of 8, I learned how to cook for my brothers and wash our clothes so we can survive because both our parents were nowhere to be found. When I reached 13, I learned to sell things/stuff during the weekend so I could have money to feed my brothers. At the age of 18, I got pregnant and by the time I turned 21, I’ve had my college degree. When I was 23, I flew to the Great United States of America to fulfill my American Dreams. Now that I’m 26, I am living my American Dream with a bonus of founding an empowerment club and providing my family’s needs in the Philippines.

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I am often being labeled as strong, straight-forward, funny, smart and loving. But those are the “good things” said by the people who know me. I can be a bitch sometimes. But if I have to describe myself I would be:

…Someone who is careful who she hangs out with. I am very careful who I trust. I am usually shy at first in the crowd but I’m not really shy I’m more of the observant type especially with how people talk, show and carry themselves before I open my mouth to anyone. I’m always friends with someone who’s always better than me. I love to learn and challenge myself. I read a lot of books. I’m feminist. I believe in the idea that women are strong as men and even stronger.

I invest my time and money to something that will pay off in the future. I always ask to continuously grow and learn as many things possible. I want more knowledge offered somewhere here in the universe. I love motivating people. I love to exercise and eat healthily. I adore plenty of successful women. I love nature. I love being alone and most importantly I am not ashamed to be myself and will never allow someone to disrespect me.